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L to R : Randy Jackson, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell

American Idol - Fox
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  The formula : a) audition, b) test, c) eliminate.  We've seen it before but this adds something new. An honest judge. We're into the show for a couple weeks and while the sheep in the crowd routinely boo Simon Cowell, he is the only one who tells the truth.  He could be nicer, but the show would've been cancelled by now if he was.  With the ejection of A.J. Gill, Randy Jackson and Paula Abdul gave him that "you're great, don't give up" speech.  Simon said, "if you want to be a star, get better!". This was met with a chorus of boos and Paula started to complain again. Simon replied, "Paula, if you believe in him, work with him, Randy, if you believe in him, put him on your radio show. Talk is cheap!".  This was a great comment which was met with silence from Randy and Paula replied, "This is what happens when you're breast fed by your father".  What the F*&^ does that mean? That's not funny and what does that have to do with what Simon said? The truth hurts Paula. I know she's trying to be nice but talk is cheap.

"This is what happens when you're breast fed by your father." - a confused Paula Abdul

Tamyra Gray, one of the best performers!  The truth is, with the last 10 performers, many are good enough to front a boy or girl band but they need more stage experience before they could mount any type of solo career. The downside is that some of the contestants are starting to get a big head.  More than one have argued with the judges, and not just Simon.  Saying things like, "WELL, I thought I did a GREAT job. It only matters what THEY think (pointing to audience).".  Uh, it does matter what the judges think.  There are other producers out there who would love to sign one of these kids.  I mean, they already are making themselves known. But, producers won't work with little primadonnas. Especially when they have no reason to have such a big ego. Also, on the official American Idol web site, you can rate each of the contestants' attitudes!  Believe me, attitude and personality counts. That's why Simon likes Christina Christian.  She listens to the criticism, and improves.  She also gives the appearance that she's open to suggestion and would be easy to work with. This makes a huge difference.

Kelly Clarkson, a strong singer!  This is a great show but they're milking it too much. Now they're down to eliminating one contestant a week in two shows! At this rate, most people will be bored stiff when the show ends.

  I think the remaining singers are good but there was a show a while ago on MTV called The Cut.  There was a singer, Anastacia on there who didn't win but her voice was incredible.  She had great pitch, stage presence and now she's sharing the stage with Elton John and Celine Dion. Too bad there's no one like her this time. Check out Anastacia to hear one young singer with a voice that you knew would get attention even if she didn't win first prize.  This is what I would like to see on American Idol.

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