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Baby Blues


Rating :  4.5 out of 5 stars.

 I haven't liked a lot of current animated shows but Baby Blues is different. It's based on the popular daily comic strip (of the same name) and has been around for many years developing a strong following. This isn't another show designed to shock and offend, it's aimed at families. Does that mean that it's lame and boring? Not even close.
 On the surface there's not much original about the series. You have a young couple with a baby, obnoxious friends, colorful neighbors etc... We've all seen it before. Where this series shines is in the characters and the writing. The characters are interesting and well defined. My favorites so far are the neighbors' children.

 Sure they're bratty and rude, but they're funny! There's a great interplay between all of them that seems much more creative than most sitcom children. I didn't feel like they got too much screen time or that they were getting so much attention in the storyline. They seemed like part of the show not a future plush doll or Taco Bell promotional toy.

 The other characters are also well written and will surely grow on us as the season goes on. There's the flaky co-worker, irresponsible baby sitter, requisite sister-in-law, and various neighbors and friends. The writing was great for the first two episodes but as we all know, it's hard to keep a certain level of quality through the season.

 I'm not sure how serious the WB is about promoting this show but let's hope that they give it a chance to gain a following. I was actually happy to see an animated show that didn't feel it had to push some gross-out envelope. Don't get me wrong, I like edgy comedy but it is a good thing to have quality programming that the whole family can watch for a change.

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