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How Stuff Works


 I just stumbled across a great web site It has articles describing how things from locks to fuel cells work. Every article is well written and there's a lot of great information in one well designed site. Definitely worth a look! Go to now and learn something!

The Best Legal Download Site?


 OK, now that the government is cracking down on music piracy, it's time that we find out how to get our music legally. I'm on my way through each service but I can't stand that most are a "service". Aren't there any good places to just get one song at a time? So far it comes down to for buying single songs (usually $.99 for a song but I've bought most for $.79). But if you own an IPod, you'll want to use
 Have you guys tried any other services yet? Post your thoughts on the message board.

Do You Need A Firewall?


 A firewall protects you from hackers trying to tap into your computer but do you really need one?  Well, the short answer is yes. But you may want it for other reasons. I'll explain a little about firewalls and give recommendations on which ones I like. Read more

Is Spyware Slowing Down Your Computer?


 Is your computer slow? Are you getting random pop-up windows for no reason? Have you been the victim of identity theft of credit card fraud? Well, spyware could be the problem. There's absolutely no doubt that you have spyware on your computer. What is spyware? It can be small programs or cookies on your system that you received while browsing the web. Usually, porn sites or other unsavory sites will drop these on your computer.

Click here to read more and find out how to get rid of spyware for free!

My Morning Online Routine


 I spend most of my life working on the computer. So when I get up in the morning and browse the web, where do I go?

 So that's about it. I have other places but they're really not that interesting. What are your places? Post them on the message board.

Sony's new portable Digitial Video Recorder

Amazing Electronics Not Available In the States Yet!


Where are all of the best electronics made? Yes, that's right. Japan! Did you know that most of the killer products are released in Japan long before we even hear of them? For example, Sony has a small, portable TV that can record shows onto memory sticks. There are powerful PDAs and computers that are less than 2 pounds in weight and almost small enough to put in your back pocket (Although, anything is pocket sized if your ass is huge). Where can you buy stuff from Japan before it's released here? They import products to the US before they're available here. The downside is that you really pay a lot for the service. But if you have the cash and you're an "early adopter" then go for it! I would but I'm poor...

Beware The AOL Upgrade!


 I've used AOL for many, many years and it's always been a buggy disaster. All of their ads tell you how great the new software is but before you upgrade know a few things.

  1. AOL will switch you to unlimited billing without asking you. If you use a lower priced billing, they will switch you to their most expensive plan. If you try undoing this, you'll still be charged the amount for that month. Nice.
  2. They will take over all of the internet settings on your computer. This might not mean a lot to you if this is the only internet service provider you have but it is intrusive.
  3. The software will run much slower on your computer. It's bogged down with a lot of stuff you'll probably never use. But if you have at least a 1.5 gig processor, you'll be fine.

 In the past I've recommended that people use a service like Earthlink but too many people like the easy to use all-in-one software that AOL. provides. That's fine but learning how to use tools like Eudora for mail will make your online experience much richer.

Homestar Runner's New Halloween Cartoon

  Go now and check out the new Halloween cartoon at the Homestar Runner web site! Also, be sure to check out the past cartoons. Try to guess all of the costumes before the end.

Homestarloween Party - The original Halloween episode! Homestar throws a costume party and the group tells scary stories!
The House That Gave Sucky Treats - From 2001, the Homestar gang comes to your house this year! Give them treats in this fantastic interactive toon.
Pumpkin Carve-nival - From 2002, it's a pumpkin carving contest.
3 Times Halloween Fun Job - The new one! What's everyone up to this Halloween? Find out now!

Alexa, The Other Search Engine


 What's your favorite search engine? Yahoo? Google? Alexa is worth a look because they offer cool stuff other sites don't, like related sites. This is a great way to find sites that are similar to your favorite sites. Also they offer a toolbar that will give you easy access to searching and finding related web sites. Alexa is owned by Amazon so it's a good, stable company. Also, someone I know wrote the whole "find related sites" search, so that's another reason for me to recommend this site. Click here to download the toolbar.

NetZero Tries To Pull A Fast One!


 Have you seen NetZero's latest TV ads? They promise High Speed access for only $14.95 a month. How can they offer speeds of up to 5 times faster for so cheap? Here's how...


StrongBad answers your stupid e-mails with help from the Cheat

Here's A Flash Web Site That's Actually Funny! (and family safe!)


 I thought everyone knew about but I've talked to a few people who didn't know anything at all about it. Every Monday, thousands and thousands of people log on to their web site to watch a Flash animated series of characters developed by the Chapman brothers.  Although, it's named after a character named Homestar Runner, Strongbad, the character who answers reader's e-mails is by far the most popular.
 Unlike most Flash animation web sites, features high quality animation that's funny with great voice acting and style. It might take a little while to get used to all of the characters but when you get to know them, you'll appreciate all the small details that they pack into each animation. Another cool features is that most animations feature "Easter Eggs", hidden secrets if you click around on the animation. Click on the link below to go to their web site. If you've never been there before, click on the link below to visit their web site. After clicking on "Come On In" click on the upper right hand link that says "First Time Here?".

The Ultimate Personality Test?


 Some might say that those who take personality tests, have no personality. Whatever... I was on and I took "The Ultimate Personality Test". I earned a score of "Millionaire". What does that mean?

    "You are a Millionaire which means you are a Success / Thinker. Your primary sub-type is defined by "Success" characteristics and your secondary sub-type is defined by "Thinker" characteristics. That means you're very ambitious and personable, and you've got a great sense of humor. Chances are you care a lot about how you look. You're bursting with self -confidence, and people admire you for your achievements and determination."

 Well, obviously this is dead on (sarcasm). The good people at Emode obviously have not seen my bank account. Anyway, what are you? Take the test and find out which of the following you are: Chosen One, Critic, Lethal Weapon, Millionaire, Movie Star, Observer, Poet, Politician, Rock Star, Secret Agent, Shark, Skydiver or Socialite. Click on the link below to sign up (for free) and take your test.

Take Emode's Free Ultimate Personality Test!

The Ultimate Time Wasting Web Site


 About a year ago, a friend sent me a link to Emode's site. It was filled with all sorts of personality tests. They ranged from practical; IQ tests, career tests, talent and brainteaser tests to fun tests; "what kind of kisser are you?", "what are you looking for in a relationship?" and "the love test".  The best thing is that the tests are all free. You just set up a free account and you can test yourself silly. Then, e-mail your friends to take the tests so you can compare results. There are a ton of fun tests, quizzes and surveys that will have you thinking and laughing for weeks. Also, they just added a dating part to their site. This way you can find people who have the same test results as you. It's a lot of fun, and the price is right (FREE!)! Click on the link below to visit their site.

Take Emode's Free IQ Test!

Buy The Best Real Time Strategy Game of 2002 Warcraft III For Only $37.95 New!!!


Warcraft III : more than just pretty graphics - solid gameplay!!

 I don't even have to review this game! It's that good! If you are into RTS games like Starcraft, Command & Conquer etc, you'll love this game. If you played the previous 2 Warcraft games and haven't played this one, what are you waiting for? Unlike many new games, Warcraft III runs smooth on computers less than 1Ghz processors! In fact, it'll run great on even a Celeron 400. Play as one of 4 very unique character classes and don't forget the online play. With this being one of the games with a huge support network and cult following, it offers more gameplay hours than just about any other game! This game without a doubt gets PetersReviews highest rating. Why are you still reading this? Buy it now from PeterReviews newest sponsor Chips & Bits.

Join the Message Board Today!


 Have a question or comment? Want to know who that musical group on last night's Letterman was? Just want to get something off your chest? Well, the Message board is now open! Join it and share your opinions with the rest of the readers of this site. Let's make it a nice little community where we can rant about stuff and just have fun. Join now!

The classic is available again!

A Classic Game Returns


 Has it really been over 20 years since the Mattel Electronic Football game was around? The simple gameplay (the players are represented by tiny red LED blips) was totally addictive. When I was young, this was the game to have. We wasted hours of class time with this game. This would be a totally fun gift for anyone who was alive in the 70's and early 80's. Watch their eyes light up as they unwrap a piece of their past this Christmas/Hanukkah. Click here to order one, it's not too late!

Do You Have Annoying Friends With New Computers?


 Sure, we all have them... yours could be a cousin George, aunt Helen, your sister, mom or even YOU! The guy/gal who forwards crappy stories and urban legends. The worst thing is that when a new friend or relative gets internet access, they'll send you the same article you've received 20 times before! What do you do? Click here to read more...

Bush On My Palm


 Back in February I did a small review of some funny "porta pets" for the Palm Pilot OS (click here to read the review). The latest addition to the pack is Porta Bush. Love him or hate him, this is another funny spoof of a popular person that you'll have fun with. The most fun thing about the porta pets is showing them around. Nothing livens up a business meeting than seeing the little monkey going at it. Next thing you know, everyone wants you to beam it to them. Go to and download it now.

Fun With Flash Animation


 Most Flash Animation sites are boring, vulgar or just plain unimaginitive. The web is filled with these sites but I found one that is worth visiting. is not the average site. The short animation bits are funny, cute and good clean family entertainment (which is super rare!). Original artwork and real animation make them stand out from other sites. One refreshing thing about the site is that they didn't make the site to make money. You won't find one ad on the whole site! It's just a showcase for the artists.  Definitely check out their funny holiday themed animations. The Easter animation is great! Go there now. If you can't see the picture above, go to and download the plug in for your browser for free.

Click Here To Buy The Book

Lessons On "What Not To Do" In Web Design


The site has been around for a long, long time. They teach good web design by showing examples of poor web design. It's a funny and informative site. I agree with 95 % of what they say. Unfortunately, since they released a book, their site has changed to try to sell the book. Now I feel there's a little bit of "physician, heal thyself" in their site. But they do need to pay for the site so any changes to make money, I fully understand. Anyone who has a web site, whether personal or business must visit this site! And while you're at it, buy the book.

Click here to visit the site :

Click here to buy the book!

Homer says D'oh at the state of his free ISP. Free Internet Service Goes Down


 The company used to provide free internet service has announced that they're going out of business. So, until they find another company (which they probably won't), their free ISP days are over.

Porta Pam - Yours to play with...  finally!

Porta Pam Anderson and other Porta Pets For The PDA


 Lucky Palm Pilot and Handspring Visor owners will be able to play a new game based on the popular actress Pamela Anderson (Lee). Other porta pets (Porta Monkey, Porta Fish, Porta Kitty, Porta Ho and Porta Pimp) are available but these aren't for kids. The jokes and gameplay is for adults only. Read more... Welcomes a new sponsor,


 Before I accept any new sponsors or referrals I always check them out personally! I heard about when it started but it seemed too good to be true. But people told me that it was a good site so I made my first order last week. Click Here to Read More... in serious trouble. Class Action lawsuit threatens to destroy them


 Did you sign up for AllAdvantage's program to make money surfing the web? Less than satisfied?  Then, join a class action lawsuit against them. Read more...

What Free ISPs Are Still Left?


 As many of you know, most of the Free ISPs have gone down as fast as they arrived. Who's left? Click here to see who's left that's worth using.

Meat + Cheese = One Funny Web Site!


 When the advertising geniuses working for Jack In The Box came up with a commercial parodying the latest trend of boy bands I thought it was pretty funny. But it pales in comparison to how funny the web site is. Go to and check out how well done the site is. In fact, it has more thought put into it than most legitimate band sites. Be sure to check out the bios, lyrics and especially the fan section. Funny stuff!

The Internet Gold Rush Is Over


 About a year ago, everything on the Internet was gold. Amazon stocks were soaring and if you weren't on the web, you weren't making money. Well, it's time to wake up from that sweet dream.  All the free ISP services are disappearing just as fast as they arrived. has scaled back the number of access numbers and I figure they'll be gone by the year's end. There are only 1/4 the number of free ISPs there were in March. What happened? Well, everyone found out that making money on the Internet wasn't quite that easy.
 The last Superbowl's advertisers were over 60% Internet companies. Did any of them survive.  Not really. When you're CDNow or Amazon, you have the jump on everyone else as far as name recognition. If you hear 10 ads for Internet companies in a row, do you remember one of them. No.
 Free ISP companies thought that they could give away service because advertisers would support them. But being forced to view an ad bar really didn't make that many people buy products. Let's face it, if you're not rich enough to afford good Internet service, you probably don't have that much disposable income.
 Web sites have been dying too. Many information sites couldn't keep in business because Web surfers are used to getting everything for free. "Why should I pay to enter your site when I can get other stuff like it for free?" Other stores like are suffering too as the novelty of online shopping has worn off.
 So how do you make money on the Web? Hell if I know. But I suspect that you must have a quality site that's updated every day with new, exciting information. Find a way to support the costs, whether it be by subscription or advertisers. Pray. A lot.

Free ISP Deathwatch Continues

11/15/00 announces that they will go to a paid service starting on November 27. Doesn't this mean that they'll have to change their name? Anyhoo... FreeAtLast was my favorite free ISP but alas no more. I'll let you know when I find my new favorite.

Can You Make Money Surfing The Web?


 AllAdvantage claims that you can make money while surfing the web. Is it true? Well sort of... Read Article.

The Simpsons Offer Free Internet Service recently announced that they're jumping on the free ISP bandwagon. The price is giving up some personal information and the presence of a constant ad banner while online.
 So far, I've only been able to log on at a maximum of 28.8k! I'm sure I'll be able to get better access speeds but that's it for right now.
 Go to for more details.

The Downside Of Free ISPs!


 We've all been happy that we can all get online for free but now we're starting to see all of the potential downsides of the free services.
 We knew it would happen eventually but Free ISPs are starting to go out of business as fast as the appeared. WorldSpy is the first casualty. Who will be next? What should you do?
 Click here to read more.

Free ISP Services?


 **Just updated. By now, you've seen ads for these services but what do they really offer? Are they as good as AOL, CompuServe or Earthlink? There's gotta be a catch somewhere?
 Updated with new Free ISPs!

Click here for the full article

This Week's Hot Links!


Occasionally, you'll see a great commercial that makes you laugh and you tell friends about them. On, there are a ton of funny and entertaining commercials free for download!
 Be sure to check out the Budweiser Wazzzzup! commercial and also Smart Beep Blind Date!

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