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Fear Factor Returns With a Celebrity Episode


  On Tuesday, November 27 Fear Factor will do its first celebrity episode. Kelly Preston, Coolio, Donny Osmond, Joanie Laurer (WWF's Chyna), Brooke Burns and David Hasslehoff will compete for their charities. As if seeing David Hasslehoff covered in worms isn't enough NBC has also touted that there will be a famous guest appearance...  Who is it?  It's Kelly Preston's husband, John Travolta.  As if seeing David Hasslehoff covered in worms isn't enough

NBC's Fear Factor

NBC's Fear Factor - Review


  To contact Fear Factor or apply to be on the show, go to www.nbc.com/fearfactor.


  Since I first reviewed Fear Factor, I like it even more. Now we understand how the format works. The first stunt is usually physical based. Jumping from one moving train car to another or climbing from a moving boat to a helicopter, etc.  The second is usually the "gross out" stunt. They've had "beetle bowling" where the number of pins standing after 2 rolls is the number of beetles you have to eat. Or in one episode, everyone had to eat 6 earthworms.  That one was good, watching people gag and try to keep them down (oh yeah, you have to chew them up!).
  The last stunt is sometimes a height based stunt but no matter what it is, it's timed.  So the fastest one wins.  The last episode featured a crawl through a pitch black drainage sewer where one female contestant took a header right into the sewer water (yeah!). I'm loving this show so far!
  Be sure to check out the Fear Factor official web site to read some behind the scenes stories!


  What are you afraid of?  Are you afraid of rats?  Are you afraid of worms? Are you afraid of heights? The premise of NBC's new summer game show Fear Factor is that they take your fears and multiply them by 100! People who are afraid of rats get placed in a box and covered completely with rats.  If you're afraid of heights, you'll cringe while watching contestants climb out of a car suspended a hundred feet in the air to pull out flags at the front and rear of the car.

Face to face with rats

Like rats? How about being covered from head to toe in them?

  Hosted by News Radio's Joe Rogan, this new game show gives people stunts to do until enough people give up because they're too afraid to do a stunt.  The winner gets $50,000 which seems small payment compared to the risk of possible harm (or lifetime nightmares) of these stunts.  Of course we know now that most do these shows for their 15 minutes of fame. It seems that these shows have been a springboard for those wanting to host Entertainment Tonight segments or be in Playboy (way to aim high).

  Has anyone else noticed that many of these game show contestants look like they came straight out of central casting? It seems like everyone is just out to further their acting career. It worked for Colleen Haskell from Survivor who starred with Rob Schneider in The Animal.  Anyhoo, back to the review.

  Joe Rogan is a great host, making jokes at their expense when they're in the middle of the stunts. He works well as a host because you believe that he could (and would) actually do the stunts on the show.

  In the future, look for more dangerous stunts.  In the next episode, contestants will have to eat six earthworms.  Sounds easy if they're not right in front of you. If you think you can do any of these stunts, I dare you to go on the show.  For the rest of us cowards, we'll just enjoy watching people squirm and freak out from the comfort of our living rooms.

Rating : four out of five stars.

Click here to visit NBC's Fear Factor Web Site. Here's where you'll find information on how to become a contestant.

Click here to visit Joe Rogan's official web site. Beware, his site contains adult language suited only for people with a sense of humor.

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