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Futurama Gone For Good?


 Well, Futurama has been one of my favorite animated comedy series ever! But now it looks like it's final episode will happen in 2 days (Sunday, August 10, 2003). Watch it! I'm going to buy the DVDs because they have commentary tracks on every episode. For those of you who haven't heard these, they are an additional audio track you can choose where you can hear the director and writers talk about the behind the scenes anecdotes for every episode. For those of you who have watched the Simpson's DVDs, you'll be familiar with the concept.
 Click on the bottom links to buy the season one & two DVDs (season 3 coming soon!). Also, Futurama (and Simpsons) creator Matt Groening has written a graphic novel Futurama-O-Rama. Check that out too!




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