The Geena Davis Show - Review
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The Geena Davis Show

Hi I'm Geena Davis, it's all about me!


Rating : 1 out 5 stars.

 How could a series with such great actors like Geena Davis and Peter Horton go wrong? Horton plays a lovable single father of two and the Geena Davis character has a lot of interesting friends. However, Geena's character is self-centered, mean, thoughtless and completely unlikeable. She ignores Horton's wishes in how he wants to raise his children and even after she ruins his daughter's first day at school, she doesn't apologize to the daughter or Horton but instead blames him.

The Kids

 I hope they can rewrite Davis' character to make her more sympathetic because I can't find anything to like about her except for her looks. In the end, there is a highly contrived "moment" with Horton's daughter but it feels way too forced and the laugh track comes in too suddenly and loud to be believable.
 This show could be good and all the other characters are fine the way they are, just make Davis' character better. It wouldn't be hard. C'mon ABC, you can do it! At least try.

Too little, too late.

My Prognosis is that this show won't be retooled and will disappear before mid-season unless it is.

The ABC Geena Davis Website

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