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Rock Star: Supernova

Tommy_Lee_01The new Rock Star Show has started taping with the band being Supernova. I know what you're thinking, "Supernova? I've never heard of them". Well, no one has because they're a brand new band featuring Tommy Lee (Motley Crue), Jason Newstead (Metallica) and Gilby Clarke (a non-original Guns 'N' Roses member).

I really think they missed the boat by going with a new band. I'm sure that there were tons of bands out there that could've revived their career and back catalog with a show like this. Here's my list of bands that need a singer:

  1. Van Halen
  2. Alice In Chains
  3. No Doubt
  4. Queen
  5. Foreigner
  6. Journey
  7. INXS

We'll all have to tune in to see if the show is interesting or not. Without a back catalog of songs to perform, this may make the show more interesting and more creative than Rock Star: INXS, because they'll be creating instead of imitating. Read more...


Thomas Lang Teaches Technique


 Before I saw the video Thomas Lang - Creative Control, I had no idea how good Thomas Lang would be much less know who he was. But let me tell you, this video is worth watching. Thomas Lang is a great teacher and he goes through all types of exercises for coordination and then shows the application of the techniques. Read more.

John Blackwell doing what he does best!

John Blackwell's New Instructional DVD


 When you think of John Blackwell (Prince's Drummer) what do you think of? Tons of chops? Stage presence? Lightning Speed? No, it's probably the amazing stick twirling that he does. Of course, in this DVD, John Blackwell - Technique, Grooving & Showmanship , he shows how he does this and more! Read more.

Guitarists, learn how to read music already! Updated 07/31/05 The joke goes, "How do you get a guitarist to turn down?  Put some sheet music in front of him.". So true. Just because Eddie Van Halen and Allan Holdsworth can't read music doesn't mean that you don't need to. Chances are you're not as talented as they are. Finally there's a book for us guitarists who didn't have a formal music education. Read more...
It Seems That Blogging Is The Way Of The Future 07/22/05 I got off the phone with my brother and we were talking about trends for web sites. Of course he said I should go to a blog format over a year ago. Why? It's easier to add entries, you can have multiple people contributing information, you can have RSS feeds so that people can easily subscribe to your ramblings, etc... Well, my blog has arrived! Check it out. And while you're at it, check out my new message board and sign the guest book there!
Snap - Free Screenshot Software for your Palm OS device! 07/03/05 Take a screenshot of almost anything on your PalmOS device. Read more...

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