Dec 13

I was riding my bike through Venice last week and I came across this oddity.  It's a custom bicycle that looks like it was designed to ride on the sand.  Each rim was actually had 2 bike rims and 2 hubs.  The wheels looked like some innertubes that had some sort of tape on it for traction.  I couldn't find the owner anywhere around but I would've loved to have taken it for a ride on the sand.

This isn't the first time that this kind of thing has been done.  Hanebrink has made an all-terrain bike (pictured below).  I've seen a couple Hanebrinks around Venice and Santa Monica and they seem to work really well going over even the softest of sand.  I'd love one if I could afford the hefty $3,500 price tag!

Posted by Peter


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  1. LeeSmthsn says:

    There is alot cheaper of a model out there. The Surly Pugsley is made for snow, but it could easily be used for sand as well. I have read articles of people travelling across austrailian deserts on one. One nice bonus is the fact that Surly is a very good bike manufacturer and this is a fully-functional mountain bike as well.

  2. Soren says:

    Yeah.. But it is still a copy of the hanebrink. Surly is a deasent brand, but Hanebrink did it first. I have ridden the monsterbike once, and it is FUN.. Biomega also tried to copy these ideas..

  3. Peter says:

    Hi Soren, Yes, it looks like the Hanebrink is the original all-terrain bike! I just wish I had a huge garage and could have one of each! Anyway, I just checked out the Biomega bikes. I never heard of that brand but it looks like they have some very nice bikes. Again, I wish I had the money and space for a lot of bikes, My apartment gets crowded with the three I have. :-) Peter

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