Feb 17

Dean sure makes some strange guitars.  Their new V Coustic guitar couldn't be comfortable or even sound that great as an acoustic but it would be an eye catching stage guitar.  I wonder if anyone has played the V Coustic guitar on MTV yet.

Click here to check out the Dean V Coustic guitar at Dean's official web site

Posted by Peter


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  1. Richie Ectum says:

    Takamine EA-360 1983 the first acoustic Flying V

  2. MotorcycleMonk says:

    OK… Got my Dean V-Coustic today (12/08/06), Los Angeles, CA… I’ve always liked the Flying V… Albert King, Lonnie Mack… Some of the folks I think of, when I think of the Flying V (I’m an old guy)… My first reaction was a ‘smile’ when I unpacked the V… This guitar is just fun to look at…I had a new set of Martin Acoustic Light strings lying around and restrung it… Neck is great… Sort of a cross between an acoustic and electric, with a nod to the electric… I have large hands and the fit was right on… Sound… Unplugged, it’s soft, not at all loud, but sounds like a guitar and has good tone… The unplugged V-Coustic is not going to fill the room, but for practice the sound is fine… For me, a guitar strap makes it work… Even when sitting the strap helps to balance the V… It’s light, so weight is not a problem… Being my first V it took me a couple of try’s to find a comfortable sitting posture, standing no problem… Ok, Plugged In… Now the V shines and comes alive… I’ve got two amps, a Crate 30W Acoustic and a Roland Micro Cube… With the Crate it can produces a big full and warm sound or one that is a little edgy, a nice acoustic sound… With the Mini Cube… Blues and Classic Rock… Become - No Problem… It was easy to get dirty Blues and classic Rock sounds with the V-Coustic and the Mini Cube… So to end… I would call this an Electric-Acoustic Flying V guitar… Acoustic for Practice and Electric for everything else… It’s fun to look at and even more fun to play… And with the right amp, it can sound any way you want it to… I give it a 9.

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