Mar 19

Back in the 70's there was a diet candy called AYDS. Unfortunately, when AIDS came on the scene it pretty much ended the company due to the sound-alike name.

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Oct 26

I went in to KFC for my free piece of Kentucky Grilled Chicken and they told me that the promotion ended at 6pm. The picture above was the only thing I could find and it says in blurry, small lettering that the promotion varies by location. I guess this covers them legally from the fiasco that happened last time. I ended up buying food anyway so I'm sure many others like me more than made up for the free giveaway.

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Jul 17

Click here to read more about the Wienermobile crash at Autoblog

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Jun 6

OK cheapskates, Frugal Living TV just put up a list of restaurants where kids can eat free and it's listed in order of days so you can plan your whole week around mooching free food. Nice.

Click here to read the list at FrugalLivingTV

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Apr 24

Well we all know that a cheeseburger that comes out of a can won't look this good but I have to admit that I'd still try it. (source - Gizmodo)

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Mar 4

Who better to decide which tastes better, organic or conventional food but a hamster.  While I didn't really learn much, this was a really cute video.

Click here to learn more about this and other tests at

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Feb 19

A lot of people love peanuts and peanut butter and were freaked out about the salmonella outbreak.  So how did the peanut butter get so bad?  Reports were that there were rats in the processing plant.  It was either from the rats or from the bird droppings on the roof of the plant which was constantly leaking.  Let's hope they clean this mess up so we can all go back to enjoying a PB&J. (source - Scientific American)

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Nov 20

Lots of chunks of lobster this time!

When I first ate a lobster roll at Gladstone's of Malibu, it was good but not great.  The last time I went, it was much, much better!  This time there were some nice chunks of lobster and the overall taste was great!  Someone who I believe was the owner or manager told me that they started to import the bread from Maine in order to get the most authentic taste.  The only downside for me was the inclusion of celery.  It wasn't bad but it I prefer my lobster roll sans celery.  The kettle chips that are cooked on site and delicious cole slaw definitely make this by far the best lobster roll on the West Coast.  If you're ever around Malibu, definitely give the Gladstone's lobster roll a try, you won't be disappointed.

Click here to visit the official Gladstone's of Malibu website

The view at sunset isn't bad either

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Sep 1

For those of us who grew up in Southern California, this commercial is sure to bring back memories!

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Aug 9

MSNBC features the 20 Worst Foods in America broken down by different categories like worst starter, worst chicken entree, etc... There's a lot of food missing here but for the most part I agree.

Click here to read MSNBC's list of the 20 Worst Foods in America

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