Jan 4

A great radio voice is rare but this guy has one. He sounds great and seems like a good guy so I hope he can get a chance at radio and/or voice over work.

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Jun 17

It's about time that TV shows understand the promotional benefit of the internet. Now if you miss a great guest like Artie Lange from the Howard Stern show, you can catch his appearance online!

Click here to visit Artie Lange's official website

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May 16
Recently on the Howard Stern show on Sirius XM satellite radio, Artie Lange pondered how ethical it was for the show to exploit addicts. He revealed that the show desperately wanted him to appear and just upped their offer to $250,000. Artie who is no stranger to rehab designed his own program which includes ex police officers to watch him 24/7 to keep him away from drugs and Dr. Drew Pinsky is skeptical that this will work. I sure hope Artie can keep clean but it'll be a long road.

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Feb 23
I just heard that Los Angeles' 97.1 KLSX talk radio station just underwent a format change.  No more Adam Carolla, Danny Bonaduce, Tom Leykis, no more talk radio!  Now 97.1 will now be AmpRadio which will play current pop music.  This really sucks because talk radio lovers will now have to go to AM radio or Satellite radio.  Let's face it, we knew KLSX would go under as soon as Howard Stern left.  I've listened to maybe an hor of KLSX after Stern went to satellite and I bought a Sirius Satellite radio the first day he was on and I've been listening to it ever since.  Terrestrial radio has been having a lot of problems keeping an audience because there's so much competition with satellite, portable media players like the iPod, internet radio and more!  While terrestrial radio won't go under anytime soon, the people in charge aren't trying to find the best talent and programming, they're trying to cut overhead.  This is only going to hasten their demise.  While it doesn't matter to me, I feel bad for those commuters who rely on talk radio to keep them sane on long drives.  I definitely recommend using an iPod thorugh your car stereo to listen to the many excellent podcasts or getting a Sirius/XM radio if you can afford it.  If you're a fan of Howard, now is the time to switch.  Not a fan?  There are so many great talk stations, comedy stations and every type of music you can think of, most without commercials.  Click on the link below to see some nice satellite radio recievers at Amazon.

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Jan 22

I'm a long time Sirius Satellite Radio Subscriber and I'm bummed to hear that their prices might go up.  I thought they were promising us lower prices after the merger.  I'm just glad no one listened to me when I suggested buying Sirius stock which yesterday was about about 10 cents.

Click here to read more at the Consumerist

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Oct 3

For a couple of weeks now there have been rumors about the actual wedding date for the world's most popular radio show host, Howard Stern and his model girlfriend, Beth Ostrosky.  I'm pretty sure that the wedding will be tonight since it's been reported on Fox 11 here in Los Angeles and one of the reporters, Jillian Barberie-Reynolds was an invited guest.  Now, unless they worked with Stern to throw people off, it seems like a relable source.

Here's what we know about the wedding so far: Kelly Ripa's husband, Mark Conseulos is performing the ceremony, Phoebe Snow, Natalie Maines (Dixie Chicks) and Pat Monahan (Train) will be singing.  The rumored location is Le Cirque on 58th Street.  Stern also has some famous friends like Billy Joel who could possibly perform and comedian Artie Lange will be giving the toast so it should be an entertaining wedding!

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Aug 7

This should come as no surprise to anyone who is a regular listener to the Howard Stern radio show on Sirius Satellite radio. Artie Lange has been incredibly open with his problems with numerous drugs, alcohol, food and relationships and recently he even admitted to having a near breakdown after hearing about his ex-girlfriend, Dana dating someone else. It's been Lange's frankness about his life that has endeared him to so many of us who only hope that this stint in rehab can cure him of some of his many demons.

Anyone who knows anything about rehab or hasn't watched Dr. Drew's "Celebrity Rehab" understands that rehab isn't a magic cure-all and that it will take a lot more than a week to change habits that have been in place for have of Lange's life.

Most of us are anxious to hear what Stern and the crew will have to say about Lange when they return from vacation next Monday. (source - NY Post)

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Apr 11

Most fans of the Howard Stern show on Sirius Satellite Radio already know that popular comedian Artie Lange had what has been referred to as a "meltdown" and quit the show. I'm a huge fan so I'm bummed but I'm also hopeful that he'll come back, that is if Sirius management lets him.

The quick recap is that Artie has always berated his assistant, Teddy and on last Thursday's show, he had enough of Teddy's ineptness. Stern poured gas on the fire but anyone who listens to the show knows that this is just par for the course. What happened next was shocking as Artie actually physically lunged at Teddy and had to be held back. We've seen Artie's health decline and recently he's seemed to not really care about his health or anything else but few expected him to snap in this way.

A few are saying that this is just a "bit" on the show but the fact that Sirius and Stern didn't rerun the show and that there's no mention of anything on the official Howard Stern website makes this all too real. We have to wait until Monday the 21st to see how this unravels but I suspect Sirius will have a problem with letting someone with a violent past back in the building without some serious measures taken. I hope Artie gets his stuff together and returns to the show because I can't picture the show without him but the bad news is that he's in Amsterdam now, doing God knows what.

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Aug 15

Sirius Satellite Radio announced the new Sportster radio that will sell for $169.  If you're not already a subscriber, this would be the radio to get! (source - Mobilewhack)

Features: Sportster 5 features:

  • Large multi-color display: easy viewing and use
  • Selectable colors: match your dash lights and mood
  • SIRIUS Universal docking capability: add accessories to enjoy in your home, office or additional vehicles
  • SIRIUS Replay(TM): pause, rewind and replay up to 60 minutes of live SIRIUS radio
  • FM transmitter or stereo audio output to connect your vehicle's radio
  • FM preset function: allows you to store the best FM frequencies in your area for optimum integration with your vehicle's radio
  • 30 presets: enjoy fast access to your favorite channels
  • S-Seek(TM) Alert: so you won't miss your favorite artists, songs and sports
  • One-Touch Jump(TM) button: direct access to local traffic and weather, or your favorite channel
  • Personalized sports ticker: real-time updates of your favorite sports
  • Rotary tuning knob: surf channels on the fly
    Sports Alert(TM): track your favorite sports team and race driver
  • Parental controls: easily lock and unlock channels
  • Alarm clock w/snooze: wake up to your favorite channel
  • Complete vehicle kit includes everything required for most installations, including radio, dock w/suction cup mount and vent mounts, remote control, vehicle power adapter, magnetic mount satellite antenna and FM extender antenna
Sirius Satellite Radio Inc.

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Jul 18

I can't believe that I missed Artie Lange appearing on Conan O'Brien last night!  Too bad NBC didn't post the whole interview.

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