Jul 17

Twitter has announced some sort of "confirmed identity" program for celebrities but pranksters will probably find away to cheat it.

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Jan 10

Morro Bay

The first time I saw a Tilt-Shift photo on Flickr, I really did think it was an incredible scale model.  Honestly, I'm not sure why anyone would want to make a real photo look like a model but hey, they're all the rage so I thought I'd try a few but instead of spending time in Photoshop, I just used the website Tiltshiftmaker.com.  It took about 1 minute to make both of these photos.  OK, they're not the best representation of the technique but they were my first.

Click here to make your own Tilt-Shift pictures at Tiltshiftmaker.com

Morro rock in Morro Bay

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Sep 3

Great, just what we needed, another browser.  However, I'm pretty impressed with how easy it was to install and get going on Google's Chrome.  Importing bookmarks was incredibly fast and in a good but scary move, Chrome pulled over my saved passwords from my other browser.

Things I like; the new home page that remembers the pages you visit the most, simple and clean interface, installation was a breeze, importing bookmarks was better than other browsers, it seems to take up less system resources than other browsers (IE).  Since this is just a "beta" we have to cut Chrome a bit of slack but as for many Google applications, it looks pretty good so far...

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Aug 25

So many great internet websites are in financial trouble because everyone wants content for free and now Pandora Radio is the latest to come to the brink of financial doom.

Click here to read more at the Washington Post

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Jul 10

One of my favorite people, Leo Laport is doing a 24-hour video webcast to celebrate the release of the new iPhone.

Click here to watch it

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Jul 2

Twitter is a mini-blogging/messaging website where you can quickly share what you're doing with your friends and family.  You can quickly update what you're doing and people can get updates from the website, phone or RSS feed.

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May 27

I found an interesting article through Slashdot where one of the largest hosting services, Dreamhost is trying to get their customers to use Gmail or some other free e-mail service. I found that odd. Sure, Gmail has surpassed the e-mail that you get if you have a hosting account with Dreamhost or GoDaddy but shouldn't they work to improve instead of pawning you off on someone else? Right now Dreamhost doesn't think that Google is competition but just wait until Google starts to offer hosting.

Click here to read more at the Dreamhost Blog

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Apr 24

More people are accessing their e-mail and other accounts on public terminals like the library or airports but what if there's a keylogger or other software designed to record what you type? Slashdot asked its readers and there are a lot of interesting answers.

Click here to read more at Slashdot

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Dec 5

Here's a funny video that shows animals in support of the writers' strike.

YouTube: In solidarity with the striking writers, all the adorable animals on the Internet are going on strike. From Colbert Report writers Frank Lesser and Rob Dubbin.

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Nov 29

Remember Tay Zonday?  He was the guy who had the YouTube hit "Chocolate Rain".  Now he has his first big-budget music video that was created and sponsored by Dr. Pepper to promote their new Cherry Chocolate drink.  I hope he made a ton of money for this video since it's probably his only chance to cash in.

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