Mar 17

I could've sword that I posted this a long time ago but better late than never. Here's the award winning Honda Cog commercial that uses a 2 minute Rube Goldberg machine made of Honda parts. Below, you'll find the making of video.

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Feb 25

I'm not sure what's going on in this woman's life but she freaked out did an estimated $10,000 damage over a $225 bill. 

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Nov 26

Bike theft is a huge problems in a lot of cities but I'm not sure if this is genius or impractical. It's a bike lock that will lift your bike off the ground and up a pole. Of course I just think what would happen if the batteries died and you had to climb the pole to get it down.

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Sep 8

Pretty creative ad for a car. Click here to see the making of video.

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May 3

Volkswagen introduced a cool new electric bike that can stow away in your trunk so the next time you want to cruise around town or even run out of gas, you'll be prepared. I like how it will charge even while in your trunk so it'll be ready whenever you feel the need to ride.

Click here to

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Mar 11

Cannondale first showed their concept version of the onBIKE about two years ago but now it's ready to be purchased but buy one quick before the limited run of 250 is snatched up. I wanted one but the MSRP is around $6,500. 

Click here to read more about the Cannondale onBIKE

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Oct 20

If you're into Vox guitars, custom cars and have $175k, why not place a bid now?

Click here to read more on eBay (source - Autoblog)

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Oct 7

I live by the beach so I see a lot of people riding to the beach with their surfboard tucked under their arm or on a rack on the side or back of their bikes. Heck, there's even a guy who has a surfboard rack mounted to his Harley! This new rack is interesting since it puts the board above you. I wonder if it might partially protect you from the sun giving you a cooler ride but I wonder if it would make your handling weird due to making you top heavy?

Click here to check out these crazy racks at AGC Surfracks (source OhGizmo)
For reference, here's one of the more popular designs I see around

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Aug 22

I've heard about prototypes of this kind of Segway-inspired idea but this is the first working model. I'd love to try to ride it!

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Jul 17

Click here to read more about the Wienermobile crash at Autoblog

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