Jan 9

We're learning so much about robotics by mimicking insects. This robot cockroach is amazing in its speed and ability to handle obstacles! 

Posted by Peter

Nov 13

I love these little birds. I've even had the pleasure of having one sit on my hand but I never thought I'd see one sleeping much less snoring! 

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May 1

This pup actually saves another dog's life by helping it to get around. Very touching!

Click here to watch the story on Mashable.com

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Apr 14

Over 20 million people have watched "Stalking Cat" on YouTube. That's an amazing statistic for a simple video of a cat! If the cat's owner put some ads on this video he would've made some decent money. 

Click here if you're one of the few who haven't seen this video

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Mar 5

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Dec 8

Bees combined with acupuncture seems to be helping in a few cases. I'd try it although I feel bad for the bees that give their lives.

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Nov 9

There are a lot of lessons we can learn from the industrious ant. 

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Oct 22

Ukrainian Parkour Dog - Watch more Funny Videos

Who knew dogs could be so agile?

Click here to watch Cat Parkour

Posted by Peter

Oct 9

I remember seeing pictures of this fish before but watching it on video is just amazing. I can't wait to see what other awesome sea creatures will be discovered.

Posted by Peter

Sep 23

Every time I watch an OK Go video I think, "there's no way they can top that" but then they do.

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