Jul 24

Every collector dreams of the moment where something in their possession is worth a "life changing" amount of money. A family whose house was in foreclosure found such an item in Action comics #1 which has the origin of Superman.

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Mar 25

Anyone who's been to a Borders lately knows that people go there to read, not to buy. Tons of lazy slackers break bindings and fingerprint new books with no intention of buying and tired mothers unleash their brats like it's a free daycare. Now there are reports that Borders are eliminating their CD and DVD sections that when I've been there have always been pretty empty. If Borders goes under will people actually go back to the library or go and overcrowd Barnes & Noble?

From the Consumerist: Yesterday's post about Borders closing down its unprofitable CD and DVD sections prompted a tip from the owner of a small music label. He says his distributor has already cut off shipments to Borders once for nonpayment (in November 2008), and on Monday the distributor warned labels that they'll have to agree not to hold him "liable on any future shipments to Borders in case they file for bankruptcy."

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Jan 8

According to Slash Film, Barack Obama makes an appearance in Spiderman #583.

From Slash Film: Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief Joe Quesada says that “President-Elect Obama is a collector of Spider-Man comics” and “a Spider-Man fan moving into the Oval Office is an event that must be commemorated in the pages of ‘Amazing Spider-Man.’”

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Aug 7

It's been a long, long, long time since I had any interest in Mad Magazine but if this is the quality of what they're up to now, it might be time to pick up a copy.  (source - Gizmodo)

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Jun 21
Your results:
You are The Flash The Flash
90% Supergirl
75% Superman
75% Spider-Man
70% Catwoman
65% Batman
65% Robin
60% Iron Man
60% Wonder Woman
55% Green Lantern
50% Hulk
50% Fast, athletic and flirtatious.

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I'm a little surprised to find that I would be "The Flash" but the shocking thing is that it claims I'm 90% Supergirl. If you do the quiz, post what you would be.

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May 5

Here's a gift for all the new parents you know. (source - OhGizmo)

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Dec 26

I think it's way too early for Matt Hughes to have an autobiography since he still has at least 3-5 fights left in him. It should be interesting to read about his falling out with his hero, Randy Couture. That's a story that I had never heard of before. Also, he promises to tell the full story of the Tito Ortiz vs. Lee Murray street brawl.

Be sure to watch UFC 79 this Saturday to see the rubber match between Hughes and Georges St. Pierre.

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Oct 8

Growing up, I read a lot of Peanuts. I would sit at the library and read those huge collections of all of Schulz's books and looking up his references taught me about art, sports, religion and more.

David Michaelis explores the creative mind behind Charlie Brown and the rest of the crew but the man he found might surprise you. It sounds like Charles Schulz was a tortured, bitter artist that was highly competitive.

From MSNBC.com: But the bitterness and competitiveness are striking. Early on, when one of his fellow art school instructors—Charlie Brown, as it happens—told Schulz that he himself was giving up his cartoon ambitions, Schulz replied, “Good. That will make one less cartoonist I have to compete with.” Even later, when Peanuts reached $1 billion a year in 1989 and he was making tens of millions of dollars every year in the 1990s, he felt so competitive toward another cartoonist that he threatened to draw a Peanuts strip so that “everybody will worry about Snoopy, and nobody’s going to read your stupid story, and I’ll get more publicity than you will! So there!”
I wished for him that, in his 60s and 70, he would come to grips with some of this, the competitiveness and bitterness, his use of misery as a strategy. I asked friends, did Sparky ever grow up, did he become the man he could be and fulfill himself in an Aristotelian sense. I felt Charles Schulz never transcended himself as the boy Minnesota and the barber’s son.

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May 7

This quickly-made spoof of the Mac/PC ads actually makes some good points with the Marvel and DC movie franchises.  If you liked this video, there are four more to enjoy.

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May 1

Everyone would like to have a cleaner, better planet for our children and future generations and finally caring for our environment has become a respected thing to do. But for the regular person, where do we start? That's where E Magazine - The Environmental Magazine comes in. This is the first magazine I've seen that's dedicated to the environment in a practical way.

E Magazine is filled with guides for the normal person who wants to improve conditions on the planet, live and eat organic, waste less energy and also become aware of environmental news. In the issue I picked up, there were excellent articles about hybrid cars, driving clean, buying organic food, and more articles about implementing greener living into our everyday lives. This is a great magazine for those who are just starting to become aware of our environment and want to live better and cleaner. One thing I really liked is that there was a noticeable absence of heavy-handed political opinions. Being good to our planet and our bodies isn't a democratic or republican issue, it's for everyone and so is this magazine. If you're at all interested in the environment and want to be entertained at the same time, I highly recommend E Magazine.

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