Oct 4

From the first moment I played a Tom Anderson guitar, I fell in love.  The shape was beautiful and the playability was out of this world!  Sure, they're not cheap but they're clearly for pro players, not for Guitar Center hacks (sorry hacks).  So as a working musician, I saved my money and was ready to talk about a custom job so I had one of my friends who knows Tom introduce me to him at a NAMM show. 

I was actually surprised at the cold reception I got by not only Tom but the woman working at the booth too.  I guess they could've been stressed due to the pressure of the trade show but it seemed like an odd response to a potential customer.  Well, I guess they make enough money because they clearly make great instruments so they seemingly were unimpressed with my measly desire for only one guitar.  I went back the next year and gave them the benefit of the doubt but this time they wouldn't even talk to me in favor of chatting with each other.  I'll only stand around for so long before I get the hint...  Oh well, I guess I'll buy another Don Grosh or maybe it's time for an MTD bass!  Sure, I still love the Anderson guitars but maybe I'll just pick one up used.

Posted by Peter

Jun 26

In this day and age of electronics, rechargeable batteries are a necessity. I know that I have at least 20 rechargeable AA and AAA batteries lying around and I use a cheap charger when needed. When I found the La Crosse BC-900, I knew it was a must have for getting the most life out of my batteries.

Most chargers do a dumb charge and top off your current batteries but the BC-900 can give you stats for each battery so you can tell if one goes bad or isn't charging well. Not only that but it can discharge and recharge your batteries in order to give them the longest life possible.


  • Works with all NiCd and NiMH “AA” and “AAA” Rechargeable Batteries
  • LCD shows capacity for each battery when charging is complete
  • Charges AA & AAA rechargeable batteries simultaneously
  • Will not charge defective batteries
  • Select different charging current for each channel
  • Automatically switches to trickle charge when charging is complete to ensure maximum battery capacity
  • Automatically defaults to 200mA charge (the optimal setting for prolonging battery life)
  • Overheat detection to protect over-charging
  • 7 Easy to Use Function Keys
  • Charge Mode (charging current)
  • Discharge Mode (discharging current)
  • Refresh Mode (time elapsed)
  • Test Mode (accumulated capacity)

The La Crosse BC-900 is available at Amazon for only $39.95

Posted by Peter

Jun 5

Darrel Ralph makes knives that are so interesting and striking that it makes even a  guy like me want one and I'm pretty content with the ones I already have. The DDR GunHammer 2008 is one knife that will stand out among the tens of thousands of custom knives out there.


  • Blade length: 3.90-inches.
  • Blade Alloy: Mosaic Carbon Damascus by Larry Donnelley.
  • Frame: Mosaic Carbon Damascus by Larry Donnelley.
  • Inlay: Ironwood Burl.
  • Length: 4.16-inches closed.
  • Internal Hardware: Hardened stainless steel.
  • Reversible Gold Heat Colored Pocket Clip.
  • Tritium fills in the hole along the back.
  • This knife is Assited Opening.

Click here to visit the official Darrel Ralph website

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Oct 27

Wow. Seriously, wow. Feel like straddling a V8? Bourget's new Shredder F-80 boasts a 425HP V8 engine! That's a lot of power for such a small quad. Does "anyone" need this kind of power? Of course not. But you get something like this to be noticed and to get a huge rush of adreneline every time you start it up. At $90,000, only a very few people will be able to afford this amazing death machine.

From Autoblog: We've seen quadracycles before, but not any stuffed with a 425-hp small block V8 like the Shredder here. We can't even tell where they're hiding the V8 under the hot rod-inspired aluminum body work, but it's supposedly there and spins those blingtastic 17-inch aluminum wheels in the rear with abandon. Only 25 Shredders will be made, though each will cost $90,000 when they go on sale in January.

Posted by Peter

Oct 25

If I didn't already own a Leatherman Supertool, I might want their Military Black Charge ALX Multitool. I'm not sure but it may be Leatherman's top of the line multi-tool.

Features: All black tool features titanium handles, needlenose pliers, regular pliers, wire cutters, hard-wire cutters, 154Cm clip point knife, serrated knife, saw, scissors, wood/metal file, diamond coated file, screwdriver, large bit driver, small bit driver, 8 double end bits, ruler, bottle/opener, wire stripper, fixed lanyard ring, quick-release lanyard ring & removable pocket clip. Comes complete with a black nylon sheath with gray Leatherman logo.

Click here to check out the Leatherman Military Black Charge ALX Multitool at Amazon

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May 17

I was finally able to play a Bogner Shiva a bit and I fell in love. There's something special about the vibe of this amp that I haven't heard in other tube amps. The clean sounds have a magical texture to them that sound great with a Strat but the lead tones are simply amazing. This amp can pretty much do it all from some great clean tones to overdrive tones that are sweet and creamy to outrageous. Another great feature is a footswitchable boost for channel 2 that will kick the volume up for soloing. Seriously, this amp would be a great gigging amp with sound good enough for recording that would satisfy even the most tone obsessed player.

The only downside to the Shiva is the price tag. To get this sweet 1x12 combo you'll have to shell out around $2,650 street. A little out of my price range for now but someday I will own one!


  • Available as Head, ported 1x12 combo, 2x10 closed back combo or open back 2x12 combo
  • Footswitchable 2 Channel All-Tube Design
  • Footswitchable Boost for Channel 2
  • Tube-buffered series FX-Loop / Boost amp for instument level FX
  • Ch. 1: Bass, Treble & Volume controls Ch. 2: Bass, Middle, Treble, Gain & Volume controls
  • Common Master Volume and Presence control
  • Functions on footswitch: channel switch, boost, reverb (reverb models only)
  • 80 watt EL34 or 60 watt 6L6 Power Amp Section
Click here to visit the official Bogner website

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May 4

With the advent of computers, GPS units and other navigational tools, the sextant is hardly a necessity but it is a remarkable, eye-catching conversation piece. The new Nautical Navigation Sextant from Hammacher Schlemmer is a beautiful instrument and can be yours for only $1,999.95.

This sextant is precisely calibrated for celestial navigation by a collimator that checks its accuracy at every 15, providing an accuracy of 0'.1 arc minute, 200 yards. It comes with an inspection certificate verifying its accuracy, and also includes adjustment screws for perpendicularity, side, and index error checks, standard for all sextants. Made of a lightweight aluminum alloy with a corrosion-resistant finish, it has a sturdy handle, and a detachable 7x35mm monocular wi th fully-coated lenses that produces a wide-angle non-inverted image reflected by the sextants circular half-horizon mirror, the left side is clear glass so you can see to the horizon, and the right side is a mirror.

Hammacher Schlemmer

Posted by Peter