Jun 27

I love my iPhone and iPad and when I'm not listening to Howard Stern, I'm listening to an MMA podcast or Joe Rogan. I'm not sure why Apple would release a podcast specific app except for having a way to browse and subscribe in app. Check it out.


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Feb 10

I use my iPad so much that I actually was hoping something like this existed. If you're like me and think that this is a good idea, you might need to spend some time away from all of your computing devices and go outside in the sun. The GoPad is currently priced at $89 for the iPad 2.

Click here to visit the GoPad website

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Jun 28

In one sentence all I can say is that I've been playing Tiny Tower on both my iPhone and iPad nonstop since I downloaded it. Similar to games like Zynga's Cityville, your goal is to develop and design a tower and keep your residents both employed and happy. It's a simple premise but what makes the game fun is the small touches like their humorous in game parody of Facebook. If you're a Sim game fan, you'll enjoy Tiny Tower, a game that's stripped down to some simple but fun gameplay.

Click here to check out Tiny Tower in the iTunes Store

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Jun 11

I've looked at the iPhone apps that wake you depending on your sleep cycle but they all seemed flawed. Some will use the iPhone's internal motion sensors to monitor how you sleep but what if you sleep with someone else. Or what if your dog or cat jumps on the bed? These are all factors that can throw off the current slew of sleep monitoring alarms. WakeMate solves these problems by giving you a wristband that monitors how you sleep. You can view your sleep patterns on their website for those of you who want to micromanage your sleep. The WakeMate works with any iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android or Blackberry and goes for $59.99 on their website.

Click here to read more at Wakemate.com

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Mar 3
I can imagine all the people who just bought an original iPad cursing the announcement of the newer iPad 2. Fortunately, if you purchased your iPad in the last 2 weeks, you're eligible for a $100 refund. Now personally I would probably just return it and wait a few weeks but if you still want to keep it you should hurry over to an Apple store with your original receipt and request your refund which should take around 2 weeks.

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Mar 2

Steve Jobs actually made an appearance to introduce the new iPad 2. It adds a lot of things I want but I still wish that the display would go out to the edge of the iPad. Still, it adds front and rear facing cameras and a faster processor so I want one now.

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Nov 5

Finally, a browser for your iPhone or Android that can support Flash! Skyfire was released, pulled and is now back in the iTunes store for $2.99 promising what we've all been waiting for, Flash animation and movies. But before you get too excited, it doesn't support all flash web sites and Hulu blocks it. Hopefully all the money they made will allow them to improve their browser until it's fully functioning.

Click here to check out Skyfire on iTunes

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Aug 4

Several sources as saying that Apple is going to release a smaller iPad, new iPod and a revised iPhone as soon as the end of the year but more likely early next year. So far I'm holding off on the iPhone 4 and the iPad until the phone's reception gets fixed and the iPad offers a screen that goes to the outside edges of the device, a front and rear camera. (source - TUAW)

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Apr 19

I hope Gizmodo and Apple are in on this "leak" of the new iPhone because if it truly was lost or stolen, someone from Apple is going to be out of a job. Anyway, it shows a promising new iPhone with a front mounted camera for chat and also a flash! Other improvements are higher resolution, secondary mic for noise cancellation and different materials. Of course since this is just a prototype anything could change but it sure makes me curious about what Apple has in store for us.

Click here to read all the details at Gizmodo

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Feb 1
You can never tell what changes will be included until the new iPhone/iPad OS comes out but Gizmodo says that there might be video calling and file downloads. I'm not sure what good video calling will be with the camera on the other side of my iPhone but we'll have to wait to see what they're planning. (source - Gizmodo)

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