Mar 3
I can imagine all the people who just bought an original iPad cursing the announcement of the newer iPad 2. Fortunately, if you purchased your iPad in the last 2 weeks, you're eligible for a $100 refund. Now personally I would probably just return it and wait a few weeks but if you still want to keep it you should hurry over to an Apple store with your original receipt and request your refund which should take around 2 weeks.

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Mar 2

Steve Jobs actually made an appearance to introduce the new iPad 2. It adds a lot of things I want but I still wish that the display would go out to the edge of the iPad. Still, it adds front and rear facing cameras and a faster processor so I want one now.

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Nov 22

OK, I know most of you savvy Mac users already know this but since I'm a recent PC convert, I needed to find this out. Here's my answer:

To take a screenshot on a Mac, hit "Command + Shift + 3". This will take a screenshot of the whole screen. Of course since you would have to then edit the whole thing, you can take a screenshot of any specific area by hitting "Command + Shift + 4" and you can select any part of the screen. If you want to take a screenshot of something in Quicktime, just pause it, click on the video to get rid of the shuttle controls and then capture. 

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Oct 27

For those of us who were dreaming of faster USB transfer rates, it looks like we'll have to wait for a few more years due to Intel balking on the costs of USB 3.0. Sure, like everything it'll cost more to start with but couldn't they just offer it on higher end machines for now?


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Oct 24

Just in case you forgot, here's every startup and shutdown sound from every Windows OS.

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Jun 11

All of us now live in fear that our computers will be stolen since they contain our lives, pictures, financial information and more. So what can you do if your laptop is stolen? Joshua Alston used software called "Log Me In" to spy on his laptop thief until he could figure out who he was, where he was and reported him to the police. Also, he had some fun at the thief's expense by deleting his files and messing with him.

Click here to read more about Alston's story

Click here to learn more about Log Me In

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Jun 10

If the Hong Kong company, Brando could get all of their gadgets into US stores, they'd make a fortune because no matter how cool their stuff is, I don't quite trust buying direct from them yet. Anyway, Their SATA HDD Multi-Media Player/Adapter will take just about any spare hard drive you have and turn it into a a multi-media player you can hook to your TV to watch movies and listen to music for only $69!

Click here to read more at the Brando website

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Apr 4

Now you can make Skype to Skype calls and do chat on your iPhone or iPod Touch for free!

Click here to read more

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Feb 10
If you've ever had to change a drive in a computer, you can appreciate what the Century KD25/35Pro HDD Duplicator can do.  All you do is plug both drives in and start it, no computer necessary!  I want to upgrade the drive in my computer and I wish I had this.  However, I feel that its $450 price tag should be put toward a new computer...  (source - RedFerret)

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Dec 19

Here's a great stocking stuffer for the tech fan who travels.  The Belkin Mini Surge will not only protect your laptop or other electronics but it can charge your USB stuff like your iPod or iPhone without your computer.  At around $16 at Amazon, shouldn't we all have one?

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