May 27

When I read this headline I was happy to hear the TSA is doing its job. It's scary to know that in only a week that many loaded guns were found. The next time you're impatient in line for your flight just remember that the TSA is actually catching people and helping to protect you.

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Aug 11

For those of you who don't know who Jani Lane was, he was the ex-singer for the 80's pop-metal band Warrant.

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Mar 11

While this is kind of cool, it strikes me as a colossal waste of time and money. 

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Sep 18

Here's an interesting "mockumentary" about the migration of a plastic bag. Unfortunately, it's pretty much all true including the big floating island of trash in the Pacific Ocean. What can we do? Even if we stop using plastic altogether, that island will outlive all of us. If we were to hypothetically pull all of the floating garbage out, it could cover Texas. I guess we just need to start using less plastic bags and water bottles and recycle more. It's a start...

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Apr 22

I hate heights. I could never do this but I'm always surprised at how many people will do bungee jumping or the Sky Jump free fall from the top of Las Vegas' Stratosphere.

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Jan 5

The Onion News does it again!

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Oct 7

Just when you thought the roller coaster on the top of the Las Vegas hotel, Stratosphere was scary, now you can be dangled repeatedly over the side on their new ride, Insanity! No thanks, I like to keep my heart rate below heart attack levels and I like to keep my undigested food inside my stomach.

Click here to read more at the Stratosphere website (source TechEBlog)

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Sep 29

I can't tell you anything about this test, just see how you do.

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Sep 17

I'm not sure if you want Americans to think that if they go to your country they can have anonymous sex with your women but that's just what this viral ad from Denmark implies. They've since retracted this ad and apologized but still, we're talking about them so I guess it worked?

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Jul 23

If you're not familiar with Zappos, they're probably the biggest online seller of shoes and for good reason. They have great customer service and make everything including returns as easy as possible! Now that Amazon owns them, I'm not sure if anything will change, at least for a while.

Source - The Consumerist

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