Last Comic Standing - Review
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Last Comic Standing Review

Well, LCS is Over and WHO Won?


 Pulling off an amazing upset, Dat Phan won the show! The finale show was spent on looking back at the comedians' time in the house. Funny stuff, especially with Vos and Mordal. Then they did the elimination from the votes with only Ralphie May and Dat Phan left on the stage. Ralphie was confident he was going to win. Dat didn't even think he could win but... Yes, he won. Oh well. He wasn't my favorite. I also wish he didn't have to repeat material. I'm sure Dave Mordal could've come up with some new material but he was unfortunately eliminated. The final vote count is as follows: Dat Phan 35%, Ralphie May 28%, Rich Vos 18%, Cory Kahaney 12% and Tess Drake 7%.

This was an anticlimactic ending for me. I'll be looking forward to seeing Vos and Mordal if they ever travel to Los Angeles. I'll also be looking forward to the many TV shows that all of these talented comics will eventually end up on. I'll also miss Eddie Pepitone. He really should have made it to the house! An interesting side effect of the show is what showed up on the message boards. There were some heated words about Dat Phan.

The Last Comic Standing Finale is Tonight!


 Alright, the last episode was just strictly performance. Ralphie May was clearly the audience favorite. His set was tight and he built the audience up to a frenzy. I was a little bummed that Vos' set didn't seem to get a great response although TV has been known to manipulate things to seem a certain way. Phan did pretty much the same act. Tess came out strong but I'm not sure if she was strong enough to win. Cory's set was great. She's won me over with great material but it may not be what the general audience wants.
 Look for tonight's material to be even better. The veteran comics will step it up with new material. Phan will impress me if he's capable of doing an original set. This is going to be a great show!

Dave Mordal Loses To Dat Phan?


 This was one of those shows that made me curse out loud. I mean, everyone knows that Dave Mordal is ten times the comedian that Phan is. Even Phan knew that he should have lost. Maybe Dave underestimated Phan but he could keep going for a full set where Phan's asian sellout jokes would wear thin. Phan went for the easy laughs. At least Margaret Cho had style and told stories when she talked about her upbringing but Phan's were lousy, obvious jokes with no creativity.
 This is the same easy style of comedy that Dana Carvey talked about when he used to do celebrity impersonations. He would talk about how easy it was to get a laugh and then launch into an impersonation of Jimmy Stewart having sex.
 Dave Mordal was creative. I don't think he does "jokes", instead he tells stories and then does the classic, revisiting earlier themes. Mordal was awesome and I would love to hear more of his material but if Dat Phan makes it to the finals it will be a travesty. We can only hope that Rich Vos will punch Phan in the neck. Click here to visit NBC's official Last Comic Standing web siteClick here to visit Dave Mordal's web site.

You Should Watch Last Comic Standing Even Though The Guy Who Should Have Won Just Got Eliminated


 Alright, I'm into another TV show. Last Comic Standing is a survivor type show for unknown (or not famous) comedians. Some I've heard of or even seen before but they're all competing for a Comedy Central special and a development deal with NBC. It's interesting because there are some people on the show that aren't funny at all. And one of the best comedians that seems natural to star in a TV show, Rob Cantrell, got eliminated. He probably was the nicest guy on the show who had the most likable personality. I could picture him having his own show more than any of the other comedians.  Although I like Rich Vos and Dave Mordal (one of those guys will win), Rob seemed a natural for a TV show and I'm sure he's already in negotiations. Click here to visit NBC's official Last Comic Standing web siteClick here to visit Rob Cantrell's web site.

Another Reality Show?


The last thing I wanted is to get hooked on a new "reality show" but this one was interesting because it involved comedians that I've seen before that will compete for an NBC development deal. They'll plot, backstab and create general mayhem - all with a comic's perspective.

    My favorites are/were

      Eddie Pepitone: A funny older guy who unbelievably didn't even make it to the house. This guy will be big one day, probably acting. He was in Old School. If you know of any official web site for Eddie, let me know.

      Rich Vos: An edgy, aggressive comic. Just my style. Click here or on his name to visit his official web site.

      Dave Mordal: The most insightful, truly intelligent comic on the show. He's witty and subtle and his comedy is like art. He'll be a success in comedy. Click here or on his name to visit his official web site.

      Rob Cantrell: This is a guy who is so likable that he'll be successful in a sitcom. Click here or on his name to visit his official web site.


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