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This is the page on my site where things that don't fall into my main categories are stored. Enjoy!


The Cool Way To Stash Stuff or People


 If you grew up watching horror movies, spy movies or even Scooby-Doo, you're familiar with hidden doors. There's actually a company that makes them! Easy to install, they can conceal a gun collection or even a secret room. Cool, if you have anything you don't want people to find, like your porn collection. www.hiddendoors.com Here's another company that does hidden doors. www.hideadoor.com. They also do cool things like hidden gun cases.

Penguin 0102

You Know The 9/11 Paranoia is Bad When...


 When they make penguins walk through a metal detector at the airport. What did they think these penguins might be smuggling? That's Denver's airport security for you.


Full Scale Replica of the Simpson's House?


 How did I miss the story about this monstrosity being built? This was made in Henderson, Nevada and inside & out it looks like the house on the TV show The Simpsons. Why? Read more.

An industrial shredder eats a steel drum with the greatest of ease.

Your Office Paper Shredder Sucks


 I was blown away when I saw this industrial shredder eat things like washing machines, couches, tree stumps and steel drums filled with concrete. Click here to watch videos of the shredder tearing through large pieces of trash.


Got a couch potato that you want to harass?


 I think we all know someone who just sits on the couch and watches TV all the time that we'd like to harass. Just put the Couch Potato Tormentor somewhere in the same room with the victim and it will randomly change channels or work other stereo, dvd player or vcr functions at random intervals. Imagine, you don't even need to be in the same room to torture your husband, roommate, friend or other slack-ass. Go to http://www.couchpotatotormentor.com/ to purchase one.

Peter's Current...


  • Favorite CD: Thornley
  • Favorite song: Hoobastank - The Reason
  • Interesting TV Show: Method & Red
  • Favorite new movie: You Got Served (really!)
  • Favorite new TV comedy: Come To Papa
  • Favorite new comedian: Demetri Martin - This guy is different and super-funny!
  • Favorite new scent: Glade's "Fresh Linen" Oil plug in. *Beware, the oil plug ins are pretty powerful but the "Fresh Linen" makes your place smell like it's springtime and your maid just brought in your fresh laundry (reality, I'm dragging my laundry into my small apartment).

A Revolution In Cycling Helmet History


 When it comes to cycling and motorcycle helmets, the basic designs haven't changed in years.  Until now. The bicycle helmet pictured above looks pretty standard but it has something that no other helmet has ever offered before, a rear view mirror! But wait, where is it? It's in the visor! Click here to read more.

The Clint Howard Show


 I know that you've been asking yourself, "What has Clint Howard, star of Gentle Ben and over 100 movies been up to lately?". Well, I found that he's doing his own internet variety show. As you can imagine, it's not your ordinary show. It runs the gamut from famous stars like Henry Winkler to some "unusual" acts that you'll just have to see for yourself. Even older brother Ron makes an appearance! Check it out!

Do You Have Unclaimed Tax Money?


 I always wondered how anyone could have unclaimed tax money. But I guess if you've moved or there was an error on the address, the checks are returned and held by the IRS. So how do you check if you have money coming? The Dateline web site makes it easy. Good luck! Dateline IRS Refunds.

Charles Napier - My Favorite Character Actor


 Some people are only into those famous actors like Tom Cruise but I admire the hard working, character actors more. Charles Napier has been in a ton of movies and TV shows. You've seen him or heard his voice hundreds of times even if you don't realize it. Over 30 years ago he made his first TV appearance, since then he's been in everything from the original Star Trek, Silence of the Lambs to doing a voice on last week's Simpsons. Why should you care? Because it's the character actors like Charles that make the big stars look good. He's the greatest supporting actor out there with one of the most distinct voices. Visit his official web site.

My Hero


 This adorable 13 year old is Bethany Hamilton, the young surfer who was attacked by a shark last year. Despite the loss of her arm, she recently competed in another surfing competition. I can't tell you just how much I'm amazed by her undying spirit. I know women who freak out if they break a nail or have a bad dye job. I personally freak out if there's too much hair in the drain. I'm a musician and if I lost half a finger, I'd be dangling from the rafters.
 This young girl will let nothing stop her from her love of surfing and for that, she is one of the strongest people on the planet and my personal hero. If you're interested in learning more about her, just go to http://www.bethanyhamilton.com/.

Is It Just Me Or Is There A Scary Resemblance Between These Two?


 Ever since I happened across a 98 video, I thought Nick Lachey was a dead ringer for a young Martin Kove. For those of you who are too young to remember, Kove played the controlling John Kreese who was the leader of the Cobra Kai in the now legendary movie The Karate Kid. He was also a popular character actor who was in a ton of 70's shows from Starsky & Hutch to the Rockford Files. Got a scary celebrity resemblance of your own? e-mail me!

Peter's Popular Prognostications Proceed Perfectly


 Damn, what an annoying title. But Arnold is California's new governor and Dennis Miller was sarcastic. I'm on a roll! I'ma buy me a lottery ticket. Stay tuned, I met a hot psycho chick and I gave her my number... Another prediction waiting to come true!

Peter Predicts The Future With 100% Accuracy!


 Last week I predicted Jack Black would do the "In the Year 2000" bit with Conan O'Brien. IT CAME TRUE. I will now prognosticate other future events for your amazement and entertainment (for entertainment purposes only - please no wagering).

  1. Jessica Simpson will say something stupid
  2. David Spade will do a funny dance
  3. Matt LeBlanc's spin off from friends will not last a season
  4. Dennis Miller will be sarcastic
  5. Oprah will go on another diet
  6. I (Peter) will continue to date psycho chicks (who at least happen to be smokin' hot)
  7. Arnold Schwartzenegger will be the next governor of California

 I know what you're thinking, "Whoa, Peter, those are outrageos claims!". But just wait. Got a dumb prediction of your own? Post it on the message board.

Mervyn's Beach Bash


 So I went to the Mervyn's Beach Bash in Hermosa Beach this weekend. Lots' of people wearing too little clothes who really needed to be covered up. I mean, just because you have a belly ring, tattoo or new boob job doesn't mean we want to see it displayed. Y'know, some look good, most should remain covered... Anyhoo... It sucked. Dirty sand, overcast skies, tourists in my beloved town, people lining up to win a crappy frisbee with a radio station logo. Geez, if you have 3 bucks you can buy one you cheapskates. I attended the vertical jump competition. You can see me if they show it on tv. I'm the idiot who is going to be in every shot right behind the pole. It was pretty amazing but the highlight was Koji Kraft. coming in looking like my little brother, he was the only entertaining rider. He did some tricks, completely ignoring that all of the other riders were only going for height. We'll forget everyone else but we'll remember Koji had style. I wish I had a link to his personal web site but I don't. Just watch for him. He'll be big. And look for me on ESPN2.

Join the PetersReviews.com Message Board Today!


 Have a question or comment? Want to know who that musical group on last night's Letterman was? Just want to get something off your chest? Well, the PetersReviews.com Message board is now open! Join it and share your opinions with the rest of the readers of this site. Let's make it a nice little community where we can rant about stuff and just have fun. Join now!


The Dream


 I hope that all of us can make a new year's resolution. A simple one. Start with reading Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's "I Have A Dream" speech. Show love, not hate. Forgiveness not vengeance. I know it's harder than it sounds, but we live in the world of our own creation. O.K. I'll get off my soapbox now! Click here to read the speech.

Do You Know Who Does This Song?


 I was in a small record store in Santa Monica, California and heard a band do a cover of Pink Floyd's "Hey You". It was an alternative sounding band and they were really good. Do any of you know who it was? If so, e-mail me. We've established that it is not the Dream Theater version.

The Segway

What is it?


 You may have seen it on network TV shows like The Tonight Show with Jay Leno or maybe spotted it on a news report but none of them really told you the name or where to get more information on it. Inventor Dean Kamen invented this two-wheeled marvel as an engineering project based on another product he had made for physically disabled people. First named "Ginger" or "It", the interesting little scooter is now the "Segway". It's not available yet so put away your checkbook. I would suspect that this would be very expensive at first. Since I'm into alternate transportation, I want one bad! It would be nice to get people out in the fresh air again. To visit Dean's site and see what other inventions this genius has made, click hereTo read more about the Segway, click here.

'Tis The Season To Be RIPPED OFF!


  With the boom of online shopping, the chances are that you've already bought something on the web.  But if you use services like Pricewatch.com or MySimon.com, you may be directed to stores you've never heard of.  At the interest of saving a few bucks you might be convinced to go with a small store with a decent or maybe even no rating.  Be careful!  Online fraud is rampant!  Truly buyer beware.  Especially when buying electronics or computer parts.  Too many stores will either bait/switch, overcharge for shipping or just plain take your money and not send you anything.  During the year, you might feel like you have the time to do something but during the holiday season when you wife or kids or girlfriend/boyfriend doesn't get their gift, it's bad for you (doghouse time!).
  What can you do?  Well, look for the ratings.  This is not a guarantee that the store will be good but at least it's an indication that there are many happy customers.  The best is to check the Better Business Bureau Online.  Look up the company's record.  If everything checks out, it's a go.  However, be sure to inspect your merchandise carefully, check your credit card statement and if you feel like you've been ripped off, report the company to the Better Business Bureau to help future customers (plus it's one of the only legal ways to strike back at a bad business).
  Be careful this holiday season and if you have any extra cash, a certain webmaster has a lot of space under his tree!

Click Here to Visit the BBB Online

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