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Wal-Mart vs Netflix


 Netflix has been the reigning king of online rentals but with the giant Wal-Mart corporation throwing its hat into the ring, will it be able to compete? Click here to read the full comparison.

Netflix Gets Some Major Competition!


 When Netflix started they had a great idea. Rent movies online and have them delivered to your house. You can have 3 movies at a time and you pay a flat monthly fee. The business model worked great, their stock shot up. But any good idea is worth copying so mega store WalMart has introduced their own service. Pretty much identical except for the price and that you only have 2 movies at a time, only $15.54 a month! If you need 3 at a time, it's only $18.76 and if you want 4 movies at a time, it's 21.94. Still less than Netflix! If you've been itching to try this whole "rent movies from home" phenomena, now is your chance! 



How Much Did Stan Lee Make From Spider Man The Movie?


 Stan Lee created Spider Man and with the movie breaking box office records you would think that Stan is set for life, right? Well, Stan admitted that when he was working for Marvel, he was a salaried writer. This means he retains no rights to the comic at all! So for this movie, he got nothing ! This is shades of Motown artists getting screwed out of their royalties. But Stan doesn't seem bitter, he has cameos in all of the Marvel movies including the upcoming Hulk movie. Did he get screwed or should he have played his cards better? Post your opinion on our message board.

Join the Message Board Today!


 Have a question or comment? Want to know who that musical group on last night's Letterman was? Just want to get something off your chest? Well, the Message board is now open! Join it and share your opinions with the rest of the readers of this site. Let's make it a nice little community where we can rant about stuff and just have fun. Join now!

Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, A Must See For Kevin Smith Fans


 Hillarious inside jokes or juvenile pot humor? You decide! Either way, Kevin Smith is one of my favorite writer/directors and an all around funny guy! Read the full article.

Mark Wahlberg in Rock Star

Rockstar In Theaters Now!


 Mark Wahlberg stars in the upcoming movie Rock Star as an apiring rock singer who joins his favorite band. Loosely based on the true story... Click Here To Read More

Movie News

Coyote Ugly

The Kevin Smith/Coyote Ugly Connection


 I'm a HUGE Kevin Smith fan. He wrote and directed Dogma (one of the greatest movies ever), Mallrats, Chasing Amy and the critically acclaimed independent film Clerks (Also the never to be seen Superman Lives). When I heard that he had a part of the new movie Coyote Ugly, that made me want to see the movie. I thought the movie looked pretty bad but if Kevin Smith is involved, it must be good... right? Well, I checked out Kevin's official website to find the following statement.

Subject: Having seen the flick...

Posted by Kevin on August 03, 2000 at 16:41:55:

In Reply to: Kev did a re-write... posted by Free on August 03, 2000 at 16:23:40:

: A while back Kevin did a rewrite of the script. I guess they kept only a few of his jokes, not even enough to actually give him credit.

...they didn't even do that.

From what I saw and can recall (mind you, this WAS a while ago), the only true line of mine that made it into the flick was "I'm not a lesbian. I played in the minors, but never went pro." There's a context which would do it a bit more justice, but if you're really curious, you'll go see the flick.

When I'm hired to do rewrites, I always imagine it's for dialogue. Oddly enough, on this flick, they kept scenes, scenarios, and set-pieces I wrote, but used someone else's dialogue. The big things that stick out which I contributed to the script...

Mostly all the names of the characters.

The father, as written in the first draft, was very old-country Italian. I made him John Goodman, more or less, and gave him a job working the Garden State Parkway.

Many scenes where - as mentioned above - characters meet and talk who hadn't met or spoke in the prior draft. But again - none of my dialogue's in there (which - while I may be biased - is a darn shame).
For the record, a major plot-point which I had NOTHING TO DO WITH is something that most people are going to assume I wrote. The love interest of the main character is into comics, and 'Amazing Spiderman' #109 figures prominently (first appearance of the 'Punisher'). I didn't write any of that in; a writer who came after me did (I believe there were - total - eight writers on the flick, with only one being credited; in true Writer's Guild fashion, it was the first writer, even though the film little-resembles the first draft, in my opinion).

I think the flick will play huge to sixteen year old and under little girls. I'm sure it'll be the number one flick at the box office this weekend. If you like watching girls dance to Charlie Daniels Band tunes atop bars, you might want to check it out yourself.

But if you're looking for my brand of slime all over the picture, don't get your hopes up. Outside of the fact that it's set in Jersey, there isn't much Askew in the movie.

Visit Kevin Smith's Website at

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