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Thomas Lang - Teaches Technique


 Before I saw the video Thomas Lang - Creative Control, I had no idea how good Thomas Lang would be much less know who he was. But let me tell you, this video is worth watching. Thomas Lang is a great teacher and he goes through all types of exercises for coordination and then shows the application of the techniques. Read more.

John Blackwell doing what he does best!

John Blackwell's New Instructional DVD


 When you think of John Blackwell (Prince's Drummer) what do you think of? Tons of chops?  Stage presence? Lightning Speed? No, it's probably the amazing stick twirling that he does. Of course, in this DVD John Blackwell - Technique, Grooving & Showmanship , he shows how he does this and more! Read more.

Steinberger Review Updated


 People have been asking me about my pickup selections and how I still like my Steinberger. I've posted updated thoughtsClick here to read about my favorite pickups.

Guitarists, learn how to read music already!

Updated 07/31/05

 The joke goes, "How do you get a guitarist to turn down? Put some sheet music in front of him.".  So true. Just because Eddie Van Halen and Allan Holdsworth can't read music doesn't mean that you don't need to. Chances are you're not as talented as they are. Finally there's a book for us guitarists who didn't have a formal music education. Read more...

The Best Online Music Service


 I started using Real Rhapsody a couple of months back and along with Netflix, I feel it's an online service well worth the money. Read the full review.

The Best Legal Download Site?


 OK, now that the government is cracking down on music piracy, it's time that we find out how to get our music legally. I'm on my way through each service but I can't stand that most are a "service". Aren't there any good places to just get one song at a time? So far it comes down to for buying single songs (usually $.99 for a song but I've bought most for $.79). But if you own an IPod, you'll want to use
 Have you guys tried any other services yet? Post your thoughts on the message board.

Thornley On Rockline, Monday


 You're probably thinking to yourself, "Who is Thornley?". Well, Thornley is Ian Thornley's new band. If you don't know who Ian is, he is the former lead singer of the incredible band Big Wreck.  Big Wreck had a huge sound and should've broke big. Thornley picks up where Big Wreck left off, with monstrous hooks, heavy guitar and drums that remind you of John Bonham without being too derivative. If you're a fan of heavier rock but find the new music too grating or without soul, you need to check out Thornley.
 Here's an official press release from their web site: Monday, June 7th. Thornley will be on the nationally syndicated radio show Rockline. The band will be live on the air from 12:15am - 1:00am EST (which is actually Tuesday, but you get the drift). All are encouraged to call in with questions for the band, so come armed with some good ones for the band on Monday night, and call (800) 344-ROCK (7625) to ask. To find a station near you check out 
 You owe it to yourself to check out this band! Click here to check out song samples from Thornley's new CD Come Again. While you're there, buy it, it's only $9.99. Visit the official Thornley web site at

Remembering A Rock Star


 Not every rock star dies in a plane crash or an O.D. after a big party. Some die slow, painful, sad deaths. I found an extremely touching and sad story about Robbin Crosby the former guitar player for the band Ratt. It was written by someone who became his friend close to the end and watched the slow self-destruction in person. The author Curt Dudley doesn't pull any punches and the story is definitely worth reading. Click here to read the article.

Triumph The Insult Comic Dog Releases a CD!


 Anyone who has seen Triumph The Insult Comic Dog on Conan O'Brien's late night show knows not to expect anything politically correct. Click here to read the full review.

Listen to Hot Hot Heat!


 I was listening to the radio KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles and heard an unusual band with a singer who's voice I couldn't decide if I liked or hated. But the music was so incredibly catchy. Definitely pop but with a great edge to it. Visit the official Hot Hot Heat website to download MP3s and listen to how great they are.

New York Residents, Go See Peter's Favorite Band, Ours


 Earlier this year I saw two of the best shows I've ever seen! Both were Ours/Jimmy Gnecco at the Viper Room in Hollywood . The first show was Jimmy playing acoustic. It was amazing! He has one of the most amazing voices ever and hearing some of his new songs was a great surprise. The new songs are even more emotional than before allowing Jimmy's soaring voice to wrench out emotions from your soul that no other group is capable of. The second show was with a full band and it was all about a great rock show. This is a band that could be on any stage in the world and blow people away. You owe it to yourself to go see them. This show gets my highest recommendation! If you're rich, fly out to NYC, and if you're really rich, fly me out too!
 OURS will be headlining a show at the Bowery Ballroom in Manhattan on Tuesday, JUNE 24. This will be a full band, electric show, with special surprises so don't miss it! CITIZEN COPE and ELEFANT will also be playing, so be sure to get there early! This show is age 18+ and doors open at 8pm.
 Tickets are $13 in advance and $15 day of show. You can purchase tickets through Ticketweb, by phone (866-468-7619) and online:
 The Bowery Ballroom is located in downtown Manhattan at 6 Delancey Street (@ Bowery). For directions and other venue information, please call 212-533-2111 or visit: For more info on Ours, visit


Dana Glover On The Tonight Show


 I received a couple of messages on the message board about this amazing singer who was on the Tonight Show. Her name is Dana Glover and she gave an amazing blues/rock performance. Playing the piano and singing, she impressed Jay Leno and Kevin Eubanks. Click here to listen to some tracks from the CD. Go to the message board to download an MP3 of Dana's performance.


Major Label Artist Reviews

Marvelous 3 : 01/19/00 More great music from M3.
Marvelous 3 : 11/16/00 With The Hey! Album, M3 brings back pop/rock music with a vengance!
Buckcherry : 03/06/00 Touted as the saviors of rock music...
Corey Glover Hymns : 02/23/00 The former singer for Living Color returns bringing a heavy dose of R&B with him.
Fishbone : Psychotic Friends Nuttwerx : 06/06/00 : Fishbone goes back to it's original formula...
Lenny Kravitz 5 : 02/22/00 Kravitz goes digital on this one but does the album suffer for it?
Incubus : Make Yourself : 07/16/00 Peter says buy this CD.
P.O.D. The Fundemental Elements Of Southtown : 07/13/00 Christian Rap/Rock that's actually worth checking out!
Slipknot : 07/15/00 Insane debut from mask wearing metalheads.
System Of A Down : 02/19/00
Splender/Halfway Down The Sky : 02/18/00 This is a fantastic alternative/rock CD!
Third Eye Blind : Blue 03/06/00 3eb returns to dominate the modern rock charts.

Independent Artist Reviews

Bumblefoot/Hands : 02/21/00 - Bumblefoot's new CD gets Peter's highest rating!


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