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Guitarists, learn how to read music already!

Updated 07/31/05

  The joke goes, "How do you get a guitarist to turn down? Put some sheet music in front of him.". So true. Just because Eddie Van Halen and Allan Holdsworth can't read music doesn't mean that you don't need to. Chances are you're not as talented as they are.  Finally there's a book for us guitarists who didn't have a formal music education. I've seen a lot of books professing to teach the average guy/gal how to read music and they all suck, except for this one.  Put out by MI Press (Musician's Institute), and written by David Oakes this book is especially designed to teach guitarists, the book concentrates on reading the treble clef.  It starts slowly, building confidence in reading rhythms and then eventually you're introduced to actual notes.  Pace yourself and make sure you don't go to the next chapter until you can do the previous chapter with ease!

  This is the best book I've seen for teaching basic music reading.  The next step is for you to buy other books or even fake books and start playing the melody lines to make sure you keep improving. Since this book is aimed at the beginner, it's easy, fun but it doesn't delve into reading chords or bass clef. What it will do is give you a solid introduction into basic music reading. With most elementary to high schools removing music education from their curriculum, this is the perfect gift for the young learner.  Reading music is a great way to help have a career in music.

Updated: This has been a popular link here.  I know that learning how to read is difficult without a teacher but this will give you great rhythm training along with single note exercises. Of course when you jump to chord reading, it gets much more difficult.  You don't need a teacher but working with a teacher would help to assimilate all of this information.


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