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Special Unit 2 on UPN

Carl the gnome plays stool pidgeon.


Rating : Three out of Five Stars.

Network and Time : UPN, check local listings. (as of this writing, Wednesday at 8pm)

 Monsters exist. Most of us just can't see them because we couldn't handle it. That's the premise of Special Unit 2. Detective Kate Benson is one of the few people who can see these creatures. So she's transferred to "Special Unit 2", a part of the Chicago police department created to deal with the threat. It's explained that the monsters, or links, are actually the "missing links". Confusing? Why of course, it's science fiction.
 The links are anything from gargoyles to gnomes to werewolves but not vampires, that would be silly. Kate gets partnered up with a rough around the edges cop, Nick O'Malley. His last partner was killed in the line of duty so he takes great pleasure in killing links. One of the other main characters is a gnome, Carl who plays informant to the squad.

 The action on the show is similar to a lot of syndicated shows, not big budget but still very good. The emphasis is definitely on comedy, so don't expect any X-Files drama here. This is a light, fun show not a suspense/thriller. Think more towards a terrestrial Men In Black and not The Outer Limits.

That's not jaundice!

 So far, the unit has faced gargoyles, werewolves and this week (04/25/01) they face a mummy. What's next? Bigfoot, The Abominable Snowman, the Loch Ness monster, Santa Claus ? Tune in and see. If you're not one of those overly serious sci-fi fans, you'll probably like this show. It's funny, quirky and very entertaining. 

It's Werewolf season!

Click Here to visit the UPN web site to read more about Special Unit 2

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