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Splender : Halfway Down The Sky

Splender's Halfway Down The Sky


New Rating : Five out of five stars!

  I'm still listening to this CD!  I love the songs! I figured, if I can still listen to the CD without skipping any songs, then it certainly deserves a perfect rating.
  One other interesting note is that Splender did a tour with Vertical Horizon. I also got a copy of Vertical Horizon's CD and like it so I'll be writing a favorable review soon.


Rating : Four and a half stars out of five!

  By all accounts, Splender should have been last year's big alternative rock's newest superstars.  They have it all; the look the sound and incredibly well written songs. Why haven't you heard of them? Hell if I know why quality groups like this fall through the cracks.
  At the time of this review Vertical Horizon is getting a lot of airplay. Their new song "Everything You Want" on its best day is a pale imitation of

Splender's worst songs.  They share an angst and pain of real-life experience that makes Splender's songs last longer than meaningless pop hits.
  I've been listening to the CD for almost a year now (I got an advance copy before it was officially released but still bought a new copy) and I still enjoy it.  Why do I still listen to this while other quality bands' CDs gather dust on my shelf? The songwriting.
  Singer, Waymon Boone writes from his own experience but never uses any images that are too literal. Some songs aren't even about what you think they are as you'll hear him explain in concert.  His metaphors aren't for your teenage crowd but for a more mature (almost cynical) audience.
  Of course the band sells the songs and makes everything posess the proper feel.

L to R; Jon, Waymon, Marc and James

  The icing on the cake is that Splender can deliver in their live shows. I've seen them twice and they play as if it were their last day on earth.  I highly recommend their CD and don't miss them when they play in your area.

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