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Thomas Lang - Creative Control Review


 Before I saw the video Thomas Lang - Creative Control I had no idea how good Thomas Lang would be much less know who he was. But let me tell you, this video is worth watching. Thomas Lang is a great teacher and he goes through all types of exercises for coordination and then shows the application of the techniques. His skill level with both his hands and feet is INCREDIBLE! He does things with just his feet that I've never seen before and I've seen every major drummer play. I guarantee you will be amazed at his technique and teaching style. Here are the things covered in his DVD.

  • Advanced technique for hands and feet
  • Applied rudiments and orchestration
  • Dynamic foot control
  • Sticktricks and showmanship
  • Ergonomic mechanics on the drumkit
  • Advanced interdependence and coordination
  • Multi-pedal orchestrations
  • Creative and pad practice
  • Twin effect pedal playing and practice method
  • Contemporary groove concepts

 Thomas breaks down every exercise so that anyone can understand it. Then he proceeds to increase speed until it's just insane. I found this so motivational to see the extreme speeds possible with your feet alone. He'll really challenge your view of technique. Occasionally he'll play some songs. Now, even though his songs weren't my cup of tea, they were still done really well. And then there's his performing. His showmanship is also pretty amazing. He can flip and twirl his sticks as good as John Blackwell but in a different style. I have to say that this is a must have DVD for anyone wanting to work on his or her technique. If this doesn't challenge you technique-wise, you're either at a pro level or delusional. There are just so many "I can't believe he's doing that" moments on this DVD that I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS DVD ! You'll be inspired, blown away and entertained. What are you doing? But it now!


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