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The Apprentice: 04/15/04 The reality show where the winner gets a job with Donald Trump.
The Littlest Groom: 02/23/04
Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer: 12/09/03 New features added for the DVD release.
Classmates TV: 09/03/03 People who have trouble getting over their past seek closure.
The O.C.: 08/22/03 An above average fish out of water show with beautiful people and great music.
Last Comic Standing: 07/05/03 Finally, a funny reality show.
Joe Millionaire : 01/27/03 The best reality show ever!
8 Simple Rules For Dating My Daughter : 09/30/02 John Ritter returns to TV with a new family comedy.
American Idol : 07/30/02 The most addictive "find a pop star" show yet.
Fear Factor : 06/23/01 Confront your fears for a chance at $50,000.
Spy TV : 06/21/01 A mean-spirited but funny Candid Camera clone.
My Wife And Kids : 04/29/01 Damon Wayans returns as a family man in this funny comedy.
Special Unit 2 : 04/24/01  A funny Sci-Fi monster hunting show.
Baby Blues : 08/08/00 : A new animated show appropriate for the whole family!
Battle Dome : 02/12/00 :  Sadistic "American Gladiators" style events where competitors really get hurt.
Freaks and Geeks : 10/08/99   NBC might have a winner with this drama/comedy about the "unpopular" kids in high school.
The Geena Davis Show : 10/11/00  Despite a strong cast, I just didn't like Davis' character at all.
GvsE : 09/14/99  The USA Network serves up a dark sci-fi/horror show.  Kind of like a Buffy for adults.
Ladies Man : 10/12/99  An all star cast of TV sitcom veterans should make for a great show...  shouldn't it?
Malcolm In The Middle : 02/14/00  Despite Fox's lame advertising, this is a great show.
MYOB : 06/17/00 A mean spirited teen comedy.
Odd Man Out : 10/18/99  A Ladies Man for the teen crowd.
Oh Grow Up : 10/18/99  Similar to Friends but, slightly older cast and...  funny.
The Others : 02/15/00 Despite being derivative of The Sixth Sense, this show provides solid sci-fi writing.
Shasta McNasty : 10/13/99 Funny low-brow humor for the MTV generation.
Stark Raving Mad : 10/08/99  Despite Tony Shalhoub's fine performance, this is still just an average sitcom.
The Strip : 10/13/99   My only criticism of the show is that the writing needs some work but it does have the potential to be a good show.
Titus : 03/28/00  Fox may have another hit with this show based on the true life mis-adventures of Chris Titus.

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